Wanderlust Grey Jersey Knit Wrap Jacket

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Description: Introducing the Wanderlust Grey Jersey Knit Wrap Jacket, a cozy and versatile active wear jacket perfect for any occasion. This jacket features a smooth black knit lining, providing ultimate comfort and style. The sleeves are also crafted from matching black knit fabric, ensuring a cohesive and chic look.


Grey Jersey Knit Fabric: Cozy and comfortable for everyday wear.

Smooth Black Knit Lining: Adds a luxurious feel against the skin.

Matching Black Knit Sleeves: Ensure comfort and style.

Versatile Styling: Perfect for dressing up or down, great for road trips and travel.


One Size Fits Most: US sizes 4-22. Note: For sizes 24 and up, the drape effect may diminish.

Care Instructions:

Hand Wash Cold Delicate: Maintain the quality and softness of the fabric by hand washing.

Order Information:

3-Week Wait Time: Each Wanderlust Wrap Jacket is custom-made with attention to detail. Please allow three weeks for your order to be completed and shipped.

Elevate your wardrobe with the Wanderlust Grey Jersey Knit Wrap Jacket, your go-to accessory for cozy, versatile, and stylish layering. Order now and enjoy the perfect blend of comfort and functionality!



Customer Reviews

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Jana G.
Best purchase in a long time!

I unpacked it and loved it immediately. Such high quality, just take a look at those seams. No loose threads, the fabric has a nice weight to it and is not twisted. This was not my last purchase. Thank you so much. This is my go to travel outfit as someone who flies every other week.

Mia-Maria Douhan
Better than my expectations!

I love it! Way better that I thought it would be. It looks really good on me even if I am on the larger side, was afraid it wouldn’t look good because of that. But I was thankfully wrong & it looks great on. I have used it once with a medium fancy dress & it looked awesome & later used it with a tanktop & sweatpants & it still looked awesome. Great hoodie that works both in more fancy styles & relaxed styles. It gets all the stars from me.

Zachariah Curran
Great gift!

Got this as a Christmas present for my wife and she loves it.

Anne Musekamp
Very cosy!

This jacket is very comfortable, easy to move in, and would be great to travel in. Definitely looking forward to bringing it on my next road-trip


Love it