Andor Wrap jacket

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Andor Wrap Jacket is made with a smooth white lycra fabric. This jacket is very flowy and lightweight, great for warmer weather. It has a bright orange matte lining in the hood giving it a beautiful unique pop of elegance. The sleeves are also made with the same bright orange fabric food in the lining.This Wrap jacket is so beautiful and different!


One size fits all US 4-20  

Content + Care

- 100%

Lycra is a brand name for elastane, which is a highly elastic synthetic fabric. Unlike many other types of synthetic fabrics, Lycra is highly resistant to heat, and it was quickly recognized as an excellent addition to heat-sensitive synthetics like polyester and nylon

- Machine wash cold 

- Hang to dry   

Customer Reviews

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Jessica Victor
Summer cute!

I love this wrap as just a bright and cheerful color combo for summer. I picked this wrap because it was really outside my normal color comfort zone (moody neutrals - black, gray, brown, dark greens, burgundy, etc.). Super light material and this wrap just makes me feel so happy wearing it. I want now more pop bright Lycra colors for summer. :)