Queen Amidala Wrap jacket

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Queen Amidala Wrap Jacket is made with a red cashmere fabric. This jacket is so stunning with its vibrant red fabric. The lining in this jacket is made with a gold brocade fabric, resulting in a dramatic hooded style. The sleeves are made with a sturdy jersey knit fabric, allowing for stretch. This is a stunning jacket that demands attention.


One size fits: US 4-22

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- Dry clean only

Customer Reviews

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Ellen R
Perfect addition to 25th anniversary of Ep1

I absolutely love this wrap, and recently wore it to the 25th anniversary showing of ep1. I thought it was a great addition for me to celebrate. It hangs great with it being slightly stiffer, giving a slightly dramatic shape that i’d associate with Amidala. Im slightly larger but didnt pull from the stomach area too much, and to me wasnt super noticeable wearing black underneath. Its great!

Cat Szakal

I want to Apologize in Advance, I didn't LOVE it like I Thought I would. I Absolutely DO LOVE the Color & It Perfectly Matches Queen Amidala. I just wish it "fit" me better. I'm not sure if it's bc the fabric is on the "stiff" side, bc I'm SO TEENY TINY (5ft tall, 110lbs Size 1) Perhaps it's a combination of the two. 😔😔

I'd REALLY like to Order the Sith or Snips. Hoping the Lighter fabric Flows & Drapes better. Worried about about spending that much money on something that just doesn't quite work correctly on me.

Raven Sanchez
Someone called me “Very New York”

I love it! It looks nice feels nice. Looks fancy but I wore it to work anyway and a client of mine said it seemed very New York and bougie 😂. Our A/C has been working overtime as well and it’s what’s been keeping me warm at work thankfully. Again, love it!

Jacinda Concepcion

I felt so happy wearing this jacket, it makes me feel so comfortable and still look put together. This is my second wrap jacket I’ve gotten and I have already ordered more in different colors :)

J Champney
So pretty!

Great product, GREAT customer service! Thank you