Scarlet Witch Wrap Jacket

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Description: Introducing the Scarlet Witch Wrap Jacket, crafted with a beautiful wine red Lycra fabric featuring COOLMAX® technology, perfect for summer and hot weather. The flowy drape of this jacket creates a stunning, dramatic effect. The lining is made with satin black fabric, adding a soft and elegant shine. The sleeves are crafted from matching black Lycra fabric, ensuring comfort and style.


Wine Red Lycra Fabric: COOLMAX® technology for exceptional breathability and comfort in hot weather.

Dramatic Flowing Drape: Creates a beautiful and elegant look.

Satin Black Lining: Adds a soft, elegant shine.

Matching Black Lycra Sleeves: Ensure comfort and cohesion.

Versatile Styling: Stunning jacket that complements any outfit.


One Size Fits Most: US sizes 4-22. Note: For sizes 24 and up, the drape effect may diminish.

Care Instructions:

Hand Wash Cold Delicate: Maintain the quality and drape of the fabric by hand washing.

Order Information:

3-Week Wait Time: Each Scarlet Witch Wrap Jacket is custom-made with attention to detail. Please allow three weeks for your order to be completed and shipped.

Elevate your wardrobe with the Scarlet Witch Wrap Jacket, your go-to accessory for elegant and comfortable summer layering. Order now and enjoy the perfect blend of style and functionality!


Customer Reviews

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Samantha Martinez
Get one

This jacket is absolutely gorgeous and well made. Treat yourself to one, fulfill your sneaky dreams with the glorious hood on this jacket.


Great quality! Gift for my 5’4” wife, it fits a little large on her small frame. But she absolutely loves it anyway.

Britt Berg
It's magical!

Love this jacket, it's casual and extra and the colour is gorgeous irl. I use it all the time. It adds some spice to any outfit.

The sleeves tend to bunch a bit because the fabric is smooth, but it's a minor thing. I want a wrap jacket for all seasons, I'm obsessed with the design!

Victoria Chapman
Unique and flattering

I love this jacket from hands of Harlow! My husband surprised me for my birthday! It’s beautiful and well made! My only minor complaint is that the arms are very tight so if I wear it for more then an hour my arms get a little itchy from the compression like sleeves. But I’m also losing a lot of weight right now so that might not be a problem in a few months.


I am OBSESSED! I’ve wanted a jacket from Hands of Harlow for about a year now and finally broke down and bought this and the Loki jacket! I wore this to a NBA playoff game and 1) it kept me warm outside in the snowstorm that rolled in and 2) I got SO many compliments on it!! I already ordered the wolf wrap and plan to order more! So obsessed with these wrap jackets!